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Healing through the Power of Yoga

Creating a community where being known, safe and feeling whole is our pursuit – together.

Why Yoga?

At AZ Healing Space, we don’t just offer yoga. What we truly want for everyone who comes through our doors is vibrant, thriving health where people can be fully present in their body, feel whole and not have things from their past hijacking their current reality or making them feel trapped, stuck or somehow out of control.

Featured Classes

Pregnant Post-Partum

Supporting women through pregnancy and after to make you feel good moving your body.

Aerial Yoga

A way to stretch and work on balance with the opportunity to get out of gravity.

Slow Flow

A journey through mindful breath and fluid movement with a deliberately slower rhythm.

Are you concerned with your ability to join us for yoga? Did you know that we also share our building with Moment Of Truth Physical Therapy? Click here to see what we are all about.

How Yoga Heals Trauma


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"Buti Yoga was freaking awesome! By far the most fun I’ve had in a yoga class and I was definitely feeling it the next day. Rachel was great! I will be back."

Jacqui karr

We are a space dedicated to healing

It is not a part of our daily life to settle down, trust what we're feeling and slow down. We want you to try yoga so that you can get quiet and settle your mind.

Physical Health

Improve physical health by building muscle, improving your flexibility, and strengthening your core.

Emotional Health

Be more confident in your own skin and feel peace of mind as you improve your mental well-being.

Healing from Trauma

Learn the tools to cope with the stressors of life and find a space to heal and take care of you.

Feel Strong & Empowered

Get a great workout that leaves you feeling confident in yourself and clears your mind of stress.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Do Some Yoga!