Evalina found yoga more than 10 years ago. She started to transform herself with practicing daily and learning about all types of yoga. Finding her love for Aerial Yoga and Circus Arts a couple of years later. She quickly advanced and was subbing Aerial yoga classes and eventually having her own weekly class. She has taught Aerial Yoga and Circus arts on and off through the valley over the years. Prioritizing on her family.


Heather is beyond blessed to LOVE, SERVE and INSPIRE her family and community as a Christ-centered Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader, Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and contributing author.

Her holistic yoga sessions are engaging and rejuvenating, leaving one feeling balanced and inspired. Heather’s busy life as a wife, mother, and guide encourages her to find the pause — embracing every moment of connection, presence, and peace.

A passionate, yet simple girl at heart, you can find Heather breathing in another radiant Arizona sunrise or sunset.


Following a breast cancer diagnosis at 33 years old, Rachel rehabilitated her life and passion for fitness, movement, and self-expression through yoga. She rapidly accelerated her education, embarking on her yoga journey with completion of her 200 Hour RYT in combination with certifications across All BUTI formats including Buti Yoga, Primal Flow, Deep, HotCore, Sculpt & Buti Bands. 

“Always make space for the things that make your heart soar,” Rachel shares her love and gratitude for life through her practice. She is devoted to her personal growth & development through continued education, and prides herself on providing her students creative, intuitive, and anatomically intentional Vinyasa-based sequences designed to release stored trauma while cultivating “self-love” through human connection in her classes. If you want to read more about Rachel's Breast Cancer healing journey, please find her October 2020 blog post here: Breast Cancer to Buti: My Journey for Self-Love + Healing


Teya started doing yoga in 2008 and has slowly grown her practice since. Teaching was something she never considered before her yogi friend told her she should give it a try in 2017. She quickly fell in love with teaching and has continued to do it ever since. She has experience teaching over 140 hours of vinyasa yoga and power yoga in addition 100 hours of other group fitness classes such as cycling and strength training.


Hi! I’m Erika! I am passionate about spreading love, light, and yoga. I am in love with yoga’s infinity, it’s a path of endless growth and evolution.

I studied 200 hours of yoga at the Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India with Himalayan Master Anand Mehrotra. My purpose is to share my practices, experiences, and passions with my community and anyone willing to expand.


Ryan began his yoga journey in 2013. Following many years of practicing a variety of different yoga styles, he decided to try his first Vinyasa class and it was following this class he felt a calling. 

Shortly following his first Vinyasa practice, Ryan decided to embark in his yoga teacher journey, successfully completing his 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). 

Ryan is passionate about helping others find yoga - bringing his education on the mat and his passion to support others safely and effectively bring yoga into their every day lives. He enjoys a variety of different practices including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Power yoga. 

Ryan is thrilled to join and be a part of our Healing Space Yoga family and we are so excited to welcome him to the Studio.


Paige began her yoga journey in 2017 as a student in downtown Phoenix. Immediately falling in love with this community, she knew she wanted to share her passion for yoga with others. She fully believes that yoga is for Anybody, and that this practice can be healing to both the mind and body. She is passionate about helping others explore their yoga practice and supporting her students in finding what they’re yearning for throughout their yoga journey.

Paige has a master’s degree in Counseling with a focus in Trauma counseling. Knowing how important movement is for the healing process, she completed her 50-hour Trauma Informed YTT, and 25-hour Trauma Sensitive Restorative YTT with Eleanor Bramwell, the founder of BodyWise Foundation. Finding a deeper love with the teaching side of yoga, Paige further completed her 25-hour Aerial YTT with Holly Dodsin, owner of Three Queens Circus, and her 200-hour YTT with Vanessa Running, owner of Twine Yoga School.

Falling in love with Reiki and its infinite power and wisdom that can heal the mental, emotional, and physical state, Paige recently completed her Level 1 and 2 Reiki practitioner training, believing that Reiki is an art both healing to oneself and of others.


Called to the mat in 2015, Shannon knew immediately after her first class that she wanted to be a yoga teacher. And within a few short years, she found herself in a similar experience with Reiki, knowing she had to figure out a way to incorporate the two.

It wasn’t long after Shannon became a reiki practitioner, then reiki master one year later. In 2021, Shannon then completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) followed by her 16hr restorative certification through Livin in Flow with Taylor Wray.

Shannon has a passion for helping others and feels her purpose in life is to be a bright light in this world, leading her students and others to steps into their power.

Shannon shares her love, passion, and gift for teaching with her students, and is dedicated to creating a safe, all inclusive space for everyBODY, believing that building community is key.


Debbie found yoga nearly six years ago as a means to help cope with the chronic pain and fatigue she was experiencing from fibromyalgia. Following her initial six months of regular practice, she felt a calling to teach where she could share her same love and relief she found with others.

Debbie completed her 200 hour CYI certification in the fall of 2017 and began teaching the restorative practices of Yin, Yoga Nidra and in early 2018. Also falling in love with the practice of Reiki and the combination of practices she found worked best for her, Debbie embarked on becoming a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner.

Sharing her love and passion from a Trauma Informed perspective, Debbie loves to teach and sharing her love of Yoga with her students, as she continues collaborating with instructors across a wide variety of classes and workshops.