Saturday, June 22nd- 1PM to 3PM
with Mercy Demumbrum & Frankie Kounouho

This Wellness Workshop is designed to assist individuals with recognizing, acknowledging, and working though stress. In this workshop, led by two certifies leaders within their fields, individuals will experience the of mediation and learn more about breath work and their nervous system. Participants will also learn how to identify stressful triggers and be provided tools for overcoming or coping with stress. The hope is that the individual will leave the workshop better prepared to recognize, acknowledge, and work through stress. 

Saturday, July 18th- 1PM to 2:30PM
with Debbie Achten

I know Yin is a “cool”practice,

but the heat will compliment the passive postures;

loosening the muscles, and promoting release of deep tissues. Which in turn will induce relaxation, stress and tension relief. This myofascial release will help to relieve pain, using mindful self massage with the aide of props or tools, increasing mobility and flexibility.

Tool will be given to you to take home. Room temp 79 degrees. 

Workshop Tickets are $40 each for most, 25% OFF for Members unless otherwise noted.