October 1st - 12pm to 1pm

Relax + Renew + Recharge in Evalina's Sound Healing Workshop.

Listen to the sound of live pan drums as Evalina's sister plays, and enter a state of tranquility as Evalina leads you through guided meditation while floating weightless in an aerial hammock.

Breathe new life in as you relax your body & mind in this 60-minute Workshop Event, and get ready to fully decompress + recharge as you unwind and depart in a state of full relaxation.

October 16th - 10am to 11:30am

In this experiential 90-minute breathwork workshop, learn how to tap into and harness an infinite energy from within as Erika leads you through the powerful practice of Himalayan Breathwork and Kriya.

Kriyas incorporate breath control, mudras and mantras formed into sets and sequences which are designed for specific purposes. When practicing and utilizing these breathing techniques you can learn to calm, ground, elevate and ignite your energy system. When we breathe consciously, we are expanding energy in our physical and spiritual bodies. Without breath there is no yoga and the more we practice pranayama, the greater we benefit physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Whether you wish to learn calming techniques for anxiety, expand your lung capacity, or gain mental clarity - it All begins with our breath. Experience the power of Kriyas by which you can consciously control the life force in the body and thereby attain cosmic consciousness.

Relish in the amazing benefits of Kriya including: 

  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Improved mental focus & sleep
  • Improve & aid digestion
  • Balance energy
  • Increased self-awareness

Master your energy, you master your mind - master your mind and you master your life!!

Workshop Tickets are $40 each, $30 for Members unless otherwise noted.