Aerial Flow

New to Aerial Yoga?

In this 60-minute gentle flow class we fuse traditional, static yoga postures with gentle movement and the use of an aerial hammock. Come and join us in this All level, gentle yoga flow class great for those looking to gain all of the benefits of a traditional Aerial Yoga class, but not quite ready to get upside down and/or join a traditional power flow class.

Stretch using the aerial hammock as a prop, strap, or just something to lay or sit in, and increase your flexibility, decompress your joints, prevent injuries and assist your body in the recovery process PLUS all classes end with a massage. 

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga combines relaxation, stretching and meditation with yoga asanas using the assistance of an aerial hammock. 

This class is a great way to gain greater support & recovery during your yoga asanas, build strength, and gain additional health benefits through available inversions in your hammock.

Have some fun as you increase strength + flexibility + challenge your core in ALL new ways. 

Aerial 2.0

If you are looking for a greater challenge AND to build upon your Aerial Yoga practice, Aerial 2.0 is for you!

Aerial 2.0 is an intermediate to advanced level practice for those wishing to build muscle, increase flexibility and learn new skill sets. Gain greater strength + agility with new and creative sequencing focused on technique and skill building to improve your Aerial Yoga practice.


must have completed a minimum of 10+ Aerial Yoga classes and/or prior Instructor approval

Pregnant & Post Partum Yoga

Specifically designed for pregnant women and parents with infants (newborn to pre-walkers). This unique combination class is modified to meet the needs of pregnancy and the beginnings of motherhood. Strengthen and relax the body, ease the mind, and connect with baby in a safe and supportive environment. Feel inspired and nourished in a community of women sharing the experience of pregnancy and parenthood. Fathers are more than welcome to attend!

Slow Flow

A journey through mindful breath and fluid movement with a deliberately slower rhythm. Emphasis is placed on safe alignment as we explore gentle to challenging poses. Move with grace and ease to find your personal practice.

Classes are designed to increase strength, flexibility, stability and balance.

Yoga Flow

Increase you health and vitality through mindful movement sequencing and breathing techniques focused to improve sleep, build confidence, and connect to a calmer way of living.

Great for new or advancing students looking to build basic yoga skillsets and improve their practice. 

Yin / Restorative Yoga

Yin/ Restorative Yoga is a practice for all levels and abilities. Its literally like hitting the pause button for an hour. It is a supportive and nurturing practice to access deeper levels of healing. The practice works into facia and connective tissues to promote healthy joints and access the ‘rest and digest’ state so that you feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to tackle your tasks with calmness.   Oh did I mention it helps to overcome insomnia.

Buti Yoga

Get out of your Head and back into your Body through intentional shaking & vibration designed to release stored trauma at a cellular level. Incorporating HIIT (high intensity interval training), primal movement, cardio dance, and strength + conditioning in combination with traditional yoga asanas - Buti Yoga is a FULL body workout which builds strength, flexibility, and scorches caloric burn. 

Move with intention to the beat as we integrate the human experience and create an energetic safe space which empowers you to break through emotional barriers holding you back from achieving "Self-Love".

Utilizing Buti's SST® (spiral structure technique), we facilitate release & transform our bodies - physically, emotionally, and energetically. Get ready to have the most fun you'll ever have working out with average caloric burn ranging between 500-800 calories in a 60-minute class structure. 

DEEP - Core Restore

A core-focused, strengthening movement practice which connects mind to muscle to catalyze vibrational change on a cellular level.

DEEP is a low-impact, restorative practice which incorporates micro-movements with the Spiral Structure Technique® and physical touch to connect the brain to innervated muscles and the restructure of deep core. DEEP is designed to restore function and unlock + move stored trauma in the fascia - preventing injury and assisting in the recovery/ prevention of bladder & uterine prolapse and diastasis recti.

Classes include self-massage and pressure point activation to release muscles during deep restorative asanas.

Primal Flow

Primal Flow is the re-awakening of our primal nature through the energetic release of blocked energy and expansiveness of the mind, body and soul.

Through breath guided movement and Primal Flow's optimum union of structured Vinyasa and intuitive Buti, you will awaken both Shakti (feminine) + Shiva (masculine) energy and ground deep in the present moment through the anatomically intentional sequencing.

Vibe & Flow

Vibe & Flow is a Vinyasa Inspired, Buti Empowered class format combining intuitive vinyasa sequencing focused on creativity + alignment including continuous functional yoga flow with the intentional use of modifications aligned with your level of practice and body.

Vibe & Flow is a low impact class format placing emphasis on muscle engagement and joint alignment with anatomically intentional sequencing focused on fluidity while synchronizing movement + breath + flow with the musical beat. This practice is formed to align the body, mind, and spirit as students build greater strength + flexibility through graceful movements and full body awareness providing a deeper dive into the intuitive piece of our practice and leaving students feeling the vibe as they leave.

The Vibe & Flow practice combines Buti® Spiral Structure Technique (SST), shaking + vibrations, and may offer the intentional use of props or advanced variations as we layer music with fluid movement and dynamic yoga asanas which support the body and set the foundation and purpose of your vibe within a Vinyasa practice.

Wake Up & Flow

Wake up the body and energize the mind in this moderate, yet invigorating morning yoga flow class.

Wake Up and Flow combines traditional yoga asanas with dynamic Vinyasa sequencing designed to get the body moving, energy flowing, and blood pumping so you can leave class feeling balanced, energized and ready to kick start your day.

Infrared heat may be used with temperatures ranging between 80-85 degrees.

Restorative Yoga Nidra

The ultimate rest and relaxation experience! Through supported floor postures we release toxins, boost the immune system, and promote whole body healing. Translated as “integrated sleep,” Yoga Nidra is a practice of guided meditation encouraging the full integration of breath, body and mind. From a supine position with the eyes closed, we work towards releasing deeply held emotions and tension in the body, helping to restore our natural state of ease and peace.